Confederate States Civil War Era Replica Currency Set D

Hand Antiqued Parchment Paper. Looks and Feels Old!

Set of 7 Replica Banknotes

  • $9.95

The Confederate Currency Set D contains replicas of 7 different banknotes issued by Confederate States during the Civil War period.

The following notes are included in this set:

  1. 50¢ Georgia 1863
  2. 75¢ North Carolina 1863
  3. 10¢ Tennessee 1861
  4. 30¢ Virginia 1862
  5. 25¢ Alabama 1863
  6. 15¢ South Carolina 1863
  7. 25¢ Florida 1863

Each set is packaged in an envelope which includes historical information about Confederate currency during the Civil War period, and specific information about each note included in the sets.

The replica notes are printed on one side only. They are printed in black ink, like most original currency of the time. Some of the original notes may have been printed using color ink and/or may have had reverse side printing. The word "COPY" is marked upon each replica note in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations, Hobby Protection Act.


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